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Welcome to our Otters website!!
The website is currently in the process of a long overdue content update. 
Swim through the site, from front to back, in order to see scheduling, up and coming events, Scheduling and much more.


In the last few years Swim BC has changed many time standards for swimmers in various age groups and the number of qualifying events necessary to attend provincial championships.  There is a requirement of hosting  a sanctioned swim meet applied to all clubs.   Swim B.C.'s  requirements are that all volunteers on deck acting in official positions during a sanctioned swim meet must be registered and have completed a small online read and online quiz to certify themselves.  Examples of official positions are timers, stroke and turn, marshalling, chief timer, starter, or meet manager.   For those of you who participated in last years' swim meet in officials positions, you will registered and signed off as certified. However, please review the positions online through Swim BC. 
To run this event, we will need the commitment of about 20 people.   Please forward your name to Chris DeYoung as soon as possible to let him know that you would like to volunuteer.


Swim Meets in Smithers

Events in Smithers

February 10 - The mini-meet that was going to take place on Saturday, January 20th has been rescheduled.  The new date for the mini-meet is Saturday, February 10th.

February 23-24 - Smithers Swim Meet


Other Upcoming Events

Other Upcoming Events

This section will be updated soon.  Currently, you can find this information on the Otters' message board at the Smithers pool.

Partners of BV Otters

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