Do you see yourself swimming?
Swimming for fun, Swimming for fitness, Swimming to win!
Join the BV Otters Swim Club!


Each swim group has a fundraising commitment.  Fundraising helps keep the monthly cost of swim fees reasonable.  If you prefer not to participate in fundraising, you may ask that your fundraising cheque be cashed in lieu of this commitment.  We have many opportunities throughout the year that you can meet your fundraising credits.  During the summer months we do help out the Rotary at our annual Fall Fair and we also help out the Kinsmen at the Telkwa BBQ on Labour Day Weekend in September.  Grocery coupons are an easy way to make your commitment as they require no selling and no time commitment (except for the time you spend grocery shopping!) and everyone needs to eat.


If you fundraise in excess of your committed amount, you receive a reduction of 25% of the excess amount fundraised in next swim seasons swim fees.


Multiple families have a fundraising cap of $900.00; however they are not eligible for the reduction unless they meet & exceed the total amount of fundraising prior to cap. 

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