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Looking for Volunteers - No experience necessary!

 As a small club we rely on parent participation to make us successful. This year we are looking for volunteers to assist with the following:

Directors - Meetings held once a month. As we are a small club, we rely on parent help to make us successful.

Meet Managers - We hold up to 2 meets each year. Meet managers are responsible for recruiting volunteers and helping to organize our swim meets. Without a meet manager, we cannot have a swim meet! Can work with another parent and share this responsibility. Fun way to learn about how meets are organized and all the different officials it takes to make a meet run.

Raffle Coordinator - For the last few years we have not been able to hold a raffle.  In the past we have had  generous donations from HawkAir and other community partners. This was a significant fundraiser and we are hopeful to run this again this year. We will need a coordinator to get this process started. If you are interested in volunteering for one of these positions or helping with other duties (bulletin board, newsletter, fundraising) - please contact a member of the executive who will be more than happy to see you!

Partners of BV Otters

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Sponsors of BV Otters

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